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Rental UPS Harian


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are among the most rigorous energy facilities due to their 24/7 operations and special equipment. When a hospital’s power fails, the repercussions can be life threatening. Electricity powers not just heating, cooling, lighting, and alarms but also services that are critical to patient care, including: life-support systems, medical storage systems, operating rooms, and intensive care units.

Rental UPS Mingguan


Switchgear, DC power operated breakers and alarm systems can be some of the most demanding of critical power applications. UPS Rental Utility Trailers are designed to provide uninterruptible power to electrical switchgear, DC control systems, industrial manufacturing and utility applications where continuous duty DC power is a must.

Designed to carry continuous and intermittent loads at the maximum rated output, utility trailers also feature a compact design allowing for uninterruptible power in small spaces and are an excellent option for NERC compliance testing, emergency backup and substation maintenance.

UPS Rental is your one stop solution for temporary 120 volt DC power. Within two hours of your call, we can deploy one of our road-ready trailers to satisfy your need for power throughout a switchgear and/or substation battery service. Trailers are delivered fully integrated and ready for use, are fully customizable and may also include an optional load bank for on-site testing.

If you anticipate needing a UPS Rental unit for future, planned construction, fill out this form for an advance quote for budgetary numbers. Based on the information you provide, we can supply you with a comprehensive quote for your specific needs.